Commercial Insurance

Why do I need Commercial Insurance?

You’ve invested time, energy and money into building your business. No one wants to see all of their hard work destroyed.

Commercial insurance can help you recover from damage due to fire or natural disasters, theft, and lawsuits to keep you ‘Open for Business’.

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Coverages to consider include the following:

Business Owners Policy (BOP)

A business owner’s policy or BOP insurance, combines general liability coverage with protection for your business, such as your equipment (computers, printers, office machines, phone systems, copiers, and furniture).

To ensure your business property and assets are protected, a professional liability insurance policy should be the base of your plan.

Contractors Liability Insurance

Contractors Liability coverage protects you from bodily injury or property damage claims as a result of your business activity. This type of coverage may be required as part of your contract or by your employer, city, or state.
Keep in mind that Contractors Liability only covers third-party claims, such as a homeowner’s fence being damaged by one of your work vehicles. You may want to consider additional coverage for commercial vehicles and property.

Workers’ Compensation

No matter what business you’re in, accidents happen. Workers’ Compensation covers employees that get sick or injured while on the job. It often includes death benefits, disability benefits, compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and lawsuits.