When shopping for auto insurance there are many things to consider when deciding which company fits your situation the best? For example:

  • Do I get accident forgiveness with my policy?
  • What should my deductibles be?
  • Should I have a separate deductible for glass claims?
  • What limit of liability is right for my family and me?
  • Do I have new car replacement if my new car is damaged in an accident?
The point is that there are many options available to you and by discussing all the available options with your agent you can make sure you have the best policy for your needs.


  • Liability Coverage
  • Bodily Injury Liability
  • Property Damage Liability
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Collision Coverage
  • Uninsured and Under-insured Coverage


Liability Coverage – A must have and a requirement in most states.  Liability coverage pays for the damages that you inflict on other drivers if in an accident.


Bodily Injury Liability – This insurance covers the cost of injuries or the death of a person as a result of an accident. A few examples would be medical bills, loss of income, hospital bills as well as pain and suffering damages. In the event an accident eventually ends in a lawsuit it’s important to have enough liability coverage to handle a judgment against you. Bodily injury insurance covers the victims of the accident. Your medical bills will not be covered by Bodily injury insurance.


Property Damage Liability – This insurance covers the damage that you and your vehicle do to another persons property. This generally covers the damage to others cars, fences, shrubs, tree’s and houses. Property damage liability is not usually required by states but it is an important insurance to have.


Comprehensive Coverage – This insurance covers the damage done to your vehicle and or any vehicle that you happen in driving. This insurance covers damage caused by incidents but not collisions such as damages to your car if it was stolen, or in a flood or fire.


Collision Coverage – When you have an accident with another vehicle or your car is hit by someone else collision insurance will pay for the cost of damage to your vehicle.


Uninsured and Under-insured Coverage – This insurance comes in both liability and collision and covers the cost of repairs if you are hit by someone who doesn’t have any insurance or is under-insured.